Hitting the Halfway Point

Soon enough, I will be reaching that point, both in time and distance traveled that will mark the halfway point of my journey around the world. I’ve only been gone for just over a week, having left on June 3 for South Africa from my home in Florida. Since then, I’ve crossed both South Africa and the UAE (Dubai) off on my list had have had some pretty great experiences thus far. There’s been plenty of penguin-centric itinerary items from hanging out at a colony of African Penguins near Cape Town to “hugging” an Emperor Penguin at Ski Dubai at the Mall of the Emirates (!!!!!).

So, this puts me at just shy of a week and a half in here at this point in time. My trip is roughly three weeks long, so by the time I hit the Seychelles tomorrow morning, time wise I will be halfway there. As for the distance traveled, I’m less sure about that. One could say that the Seychelles might be the halfway point as well, but given all this backtracking that I am doing through Nairobi (where I am flying back to tonight) and will be flying through again next week on my way to Bangkok, that it might be somewhere between Nairobi and Bangkok. Nevertheless, about the time I do reach Bangkok, I think my brain will be mentally in that “half-way point” as it marks the point at which I stop getting further away from the US and start getting closer back to the US.

So far I have to say, I’ve done fantastic about not thinking about work. One might say I was worried about that, but so far? Nah, no worries! Now, I’m still taking bets that something will pop into my head while I’m in the Seychelles. Let’s just see how that goes…

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