Hello there! I’m Robert and I am a travel-obsessed Electrical Engineer living in the popular resort town of Panama City Beach, Florida.  If you are from the Southeastern US, then you probably know of my town and and the throngs of tourists that come here for spring break and summer vacations.  It’s great that they essentially pay my taxes, but often I feel the need to escape this town.  As a result, you are likely to find me on the next Delta Air Lines flight (or Southwest when I am really desperate!) out of town to escape and feed my hunger for travel.  As a result I earn a large number of Delta SkyMiles every year which guarantees me some form of elite status and the opportunity to take some trips I wouldn’t otherwise be able to.  You’lll find me always trying to maximize my earnings including taking convoluted routings or “mileage runs” to get that bump up or maintain elite status.  As with many like-minded individuals I used to occasionally contribute on the popular Flyertalk.com as the user “Berto”, however I haven’t remained active for quite some time. 

In the past most of my travel as been for leisure, but lately I have been fortunate to travel a fair amount for work.  I might be one of the few people who doesn’t hate business travel at all as I have managed to go to some places that were completely off my radar.  Besides, it doesn’t hurt that work travel helps me grow my SkyMiles account!  You will almost never see me turn down an opportunity to travel – if someone asks, I make that trip happen.  It doesn’t matter if it is work trip to the middle of nowhere or a last minute award ticket one magically finds at the low level.  The only downside to my travel?  I can only afford to take about one week+ long overseas trip per year due to work commitments, so I am often found doing short weekend trips or making use of any three day holiday weekends.

Since 2005 (the first time I went to Europe), I’ve been to 23 countries and counting (not counting transiting 3 other countries – Brazil, Kenya, and Vietnam), including some multiple times, on six different continents (Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America and South America).  Across the US I’ve been to a number of different cities and states, with New York City, Seattle, and Washington, DC being my favorite places to visit often.