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Welcome – You’ve stumbled across my new home on the Internet!  After many years of rather random and infrequent posting on my original (well that’s if you don’t count some “websites” I worked on in my very young years in the mid 1990s) website/blog with a less than stellar name (“Berto Republic” anyone?), I’ve opened this new one here on the web.

Basically, I needed a fresh change of Internet scenery in order to get to where I wanted to be with my online writing.  Basically I’m an Engineer and someone who just cannot cure his wanderlust; hence the name “Traveling Geek”.  Seriously, I travel quite a bit, usually at least once a month for a personal weekend getaway, and lately I’ve been on the road for work.  With all this travel, I wanted to share what I could with the world.  Of course, it’s going to take some work, and it is going to be a work in progress – I have probably a few things to learn.

If you’ve made it this far into the first post you are probably wandering what exactly the content on here will be.  Well the idea currently is to be a repository of my trips, commentary on the frequent flyer and loyalty programs I frequent (such as Delta SkyMiles), and some travel technology (I did say I was a geek right?).  In the end it’s a bit of an experiment for me, and more or less a bit of a challenge if I can keep a somewhat regular posting schedule.

Of course I wouldn’t just start this up if I did not have any upcoming travel to kick off my writing!  Starting on August 26th, I will be heading out to Colorado to visit Denver and the Rocky Mountain National Park for a little outdoor adventure.  Check back over the coming weekend and you shall be rewarded with the tales of my hike and hopefully some amazing photography of the Colorado Rockies!

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