Suitcase Time Capsule

If you remember, recently the carry on suitcase that I had used for a number of years finally met its end thanks to a Delta baggage handler in Nashville.  Well today, as part of doing some cleaning around the house, I started to go through my suitcase and found a time capsule of sorts.  Included were brochures and maps, boarding passes, and luggage tags, admission tickets, and handwritten notes to myself.  All from various different trips and often were things just tucked into a pocket.  I found it all very interesting and brought back some memories from various trips such as:

  • Trying orient myself outside of Paddington Station in London, so I could find my hotel using a Google Maps printout and having been awake for the better part of the previous 48 hours.
  • Being scheduled to fly out of Japan from Tokyo just two days after the 2011 Earthquake, and not being sure if there would be train service to Narita Airport (or if something else would happen and flights get cancelled).
  • Visiting the ever-amazing Porsche Museum in Stuttgart just a few months after it had openened.
  • Spending a week in Sydney and seeing many of the landmarks covered in projections as part of the Vivid Sydney festival.
  • Taking a tour of the largest building in the world and getting to see production lines of the Boeing 747-8, 787, and 777 up close.
  • And so very much more!

I’ve gone through the pile and tagged many of the things I found in this “time capsule” on flickr.  Click the image below and you can see some of the things that I found hiding in my suitcase:

Suitcase Time Capsule

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