Hong Kong and Macau: Conclusion

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Exploring Macau
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The Conclusion
Although it did take me a while to pump out this trip report in its entirety, despite always telling myself that I will work on these quicker, I think it is pretty evident that this was a very excellent trip by all measures…well aside probably from the return trip while slightly under the weather.

Hong Kong had always been one of those places that had intrigued me for many years, and I was very glad that I had the opportunity to finally make it here to see it myself. If it wasn’t clear from my post about Exploring Macau“>exploring Hong Kong, it instantly became one of my favorite cities in the world that I have visited. And on top of that, my stay at the W Hong Kong is easily in the contention for one of my favorite hotels in the world and the Conrad Hong Kong just turned out to largely be an “ordinary” hotel.

Would I go back to Hong Kong? Definitely! While I did get to see and do quite a bit during my visit, there was so much that I didn’t get to do that I had on my list. I never did get around the exploring the New Territories like I had wanted to, such as Tai Wan Beach and the hike that it would take to get there. Although I got a taste of the slightly less hustle and bustle life by going over to Stanley on Hong Kong Island, I still didn’t fully get to experience that other side of Hong Kong. That being said, it just means I have reasons to go back in the future! Let’s face it, I’ll be back there someday, just hopefully it wont be 10 or 20 years.

I think when it comes to Macau for starters, most Americans just don’t realize that it exists. In terms of long-standing European colonial outposts in China, it was definitely in the shadow of Hong Kong. I explain to people where it is and that it was ruled by the Portuguese for close to 450 years and even remained in their possession past the transfer of Hong Kong to the PRC and they just don’t know that it existed. Even for those of us who are aware it existed, I don’t think what you read online gives it justice. I mean, in my post about exploring Macau, I mentioned how I had this impression of Macau being not much more than a giant casino, but was pleasantly surprised when I got out and explored the city on foot. Of course the Conrad Macao was a fantastic hotel as well on the Cotai Strip, although I’m sure the only reason I can say that is because of the awesome treatment I got as a Hilton HHonors Diamond member. It has the potential to be in my top 5 or 10 hotels though; on that thought, I really should probably make a list of what I consider to be the top 10 hotels that I’ve stayed in.

To my fellow Americans who are reading this and thinking of taking a trip to Hong Kong, I do encourage you to go to Macau. Just don’t be like the average tourist who goes there for a day trip through. Make plans to go there for at least a night or two; see the city and explore the southern, quieter areas of the territory, enjoy some great food with Portuguese influences, and of course try to recoup the costs of your side trip in the casinos!

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