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Although Ushuaia is located at the “end of the world”, it has a robust tourism sector of people traveling on Antarctic cruises or just to go the “southernmost city” in the world and that means hotels. There are plenty of options in Ushuaia for lodging ranging from modern hotels to places that haven’t been updated in decades to B&B types. What you will not find here, is anything that belongs to any international chain. That means elite status is no good anywhere, but that isn’t a terrible thing! As far as the actual options are concerned, if you are looking at strictly hotels there was only one that I found that appeared to be best option at the best price: the Alto Andino Hotel. I booked my one night for the hotel online through Travelocity, which is very rare for me to do.

Since my flight got to Ushuaia mid-morning, I knew that the odds of be being able to check in were slim. However, I had the taxi I had grabbed at the airport to drop me at the hotel and hoped that I would at least be able to stash my suitcase and go about starting to try to explore the center of this small town. That is precisely what turned out, and they were friendly enough about it. At least my first impression of the hotel lobby was that it seemed nice. I went about my exploring, and then came back a few hours later to check in.

When I arrived back at the hotel a few hours later, my room had been ready and they had already placed my suitcase in my room. I don’t think that I’ve ever had my stored luggage wind up in my room before my arrival at any hotel before; sometimes it’s quite the opposite like at the W Santiago where my stored luggage took forever to get to my room after I checked in. So there’s a definite plus right there!

The Room
The room type was listed as a Suite, but it appears that regular rooms are called Suites (double and single) while what are known as Suites in most places are called “Aparts”. So, don’t get your hopes up with by booking a suite! That being said, my first impression upon walking into the room was that the pictures online did not lie; this was a modern, well kept hotel. The overall size of the room? Not terrible either; I was expecting the room to be on the small side, much like I’ve encountered across Europe and other places, and especially given the fact that this hotel did not seem very large. There was more than ample room to unpack and move about for my short stay.

Entry Area – Looking Inward

I had booked a room with a King Bed, and like many other hotels I’ve stayed at overseas I found the mattress to be a little bit on the hard side. I’ve always wondered if it’s just us Americans who like to feel like we are sleeping on a cloud?

Bed + TV + Window (That Opened!)

My room looked out to the North over the residential areas of Ushuaia and towards the mountains. While it wasn’t the harbor view that I was hoping for, I’ll admit this was almost just as good; take a look for yourself…

Looking Northwest From My Window

Panorama Of The View From My Room

As for the bathroom, it was not massive, but still plenty of room. There was a window that did look out to the harbor from here, so I guess my room was technically a harbor view!


The Location
Alto Andino’s location is not down on the waterfront which is where most of the tourist hotels seem to be located, but on a quiet more residential street. Located near the intersection of Gdor. Félix Paz and 9 de Julio it is 3 blocks down to the waterfront. That means despite being located off the main drag, you aren’t that far from the action and you can get to all the restaurants and sights in a pretty short walk. In fact the entire city, for at least the areas where tourists are going to be is very walkable – the only time I needed a taxi was going to and from the airport. As such, you’ll find plenty of options for dining and drinking close by, including the Dublin Pub, located around the corner, which as you may have guessed is an Irish pub. Of course I will get into all those lovely things in the next installment.

Overall, I was impressed with this hotel, even though it really was more or less of a crash pad for me. I could have probably been just as comfortable in a cheaper place, but who would want that? I got a a quality hotel that didn’t feel dated or run down and it cost me an easy to swallow $150/night (which did seem a little high for an off-season period, but who cares). Service was pretty decent, although I didn’t require much. I didn’t leave enough time to check out the included breakfast on my second morning before my flight and I never did make it to the hotel’s bar. However, supposedly the view from the bar/breakfast area is apparently pretty decent – I guess you would have to find out for yourself! If back in Ushuaia, which as I look for ways to set foot on Antarctica is certainly possible, I would certainly book a stay here again.

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